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Letters from Home

I never really paid attention to the mail when we lived in the US.  It was typically managed with an “oh, yeah, I forgot to grab the mail” comment after dinner or when I was lying in bed processing my … Continue reading

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Harmony Day: Where Legends Are Recognized

Last night, during our Sunday evening school prep ritual, Ellie and I laid out her clothes with a little more cheerfulness than usual. Rather than setting out the typical blue and white striped uniform dress, white socks, black lace-up shoes, … Continue reading

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Bare Feet, Black Ties, Boardies, and Bling

Elvis has not left the building.  In fact, he was at the beach with us on the night of the Redlands Barefoot Ball.  This event, sponsored by Ellie’s school, provided a great opportunity to raise funds for Redlands as well … Continue reading

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Reduce. Re-Use. Recycle.

When Ellie was in Kindergarten, she entered her classroom on one particular day to find a large dry erase board with the question, “Do you recycle?” written at the top.  Before putting her backpack in her cubby, she was asked … Continue reading

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Toilet Trivia

Okay, time for a little toilet talk.  Please excuse my potty mouth as I try to explain the physics of toilet water rotation and half versus full flushes.  Exciting stuff, I know. Inquiring minds want to know if the toilet … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Author’s WARNING: This blog post is rated R (Restricted/American) or M (Mature/Australian).  In other words, it is restricted for those under the age of 17 unless under the direct supervision of an adult (or unless you live in Australia). Reason … Continue reading

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Happy Feet

Do you remember the scene in “Boomerang” when Eddie Murphy pulls back the covers to peek at a sleeping Robin Given’s feet and he finds himself shocked and dismayed by what he sees?  Well, if  you don’t like feet (aka, … Continue reading

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