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Eggsellent Easter??

During a recent trip to church on the most historical day in Christianity (aka Easter), it was blatantly obvious that Ellie and I were in the minority of ladies in attendance wearing our best Sunday dresses.  I realized this shortly … Continue reading

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Vinaka Fiji Islands

When we stepped off the plane and entered the Fiji airport in Nadi, we were greeted by a trio of Fijian islanders adorned in traditional Fiji attire, singing a song from their native land to the light and welcoming accompaniment … Continue reading

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Destination Unusual

There are so many unique and bizarre names of roads, buildings, and places in Australia. Many of which are derived from the inherent Aboriginal culture.  Here are a few actual names of cities and places in Australia, with my own … Continue reading

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Candy Land, by Ellie

Here is a short story written by the beautiful Ellie Farnsworth, aka Pooh Bear. Candy Land “Ahhhhh!  I’m stuck in cotton candy!” said Bubbles. “I will help you.  My name is Lolly,” said Lolly. “It’s nice to meet you Lolly,” … Continue reading

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Morning Glory

Good morning, blog world!!  And what a beautiful morning it is in Sydney, Australia! After a challenging sequence of personal and professional events in my late 20s, a very wise person once told me that I should “analyze less and … Continue reading

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Thrills and Spills of a Wicket Keeper

Whether it’s divine intervention or simple genetic determination, there is a select group of men and women who are physically gifted enough to become world-class athletes. The small, but mighty, members of Team Farnsworth do not fall into this elite … Continue reading

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Live. Laugh. Love. Soccer.

With the onset of Autumn brings cooler temperatures, shorter days, and a new pair of cleats for Ellie’s growing feet.  After all, it’s soccer season.  Ellie has elected to join her school’s soccer sport and much to her surprise (and … Continue reading

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A Billy of Tea

Here’s an Australian song that Ellie learned in music class.  I was a bit surprised in hearing my little 4th grader sing a chorus of alcohol references, but that aside, I have to admit that I’ve been humming it all … Continue reading

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The Plight of Flat Stanley

One of Todd’s elementary school classmates, from St. Rose Catholic School in Monroeville, Indiana, recently contacted him to inquire as to whether or not there could be an opportunity for her son’s “Flat Stanley” to make a trip down under. … Continue reading

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Stairway to Heaven

There are certain moments in one’s life that are undeniably paramount.  They are without exception, moments that can shape the trajectory of one’s life, like a graduation ceremony, a wedding day, the birth of a child, or the tragic death … Continue reading

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